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  Solutions for the self Adaptation of Communicating Systems in Operation

ANR Sacso

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In the context of high performance systems and critical applications, thegeneral objective of the project is to design Self-Adaptive Systemswhich are capable of monitoring the surrounding environment and adaptthemselves to different scenarios and requirements. In other words, aSelf-Adaptive System must be able to provide the required highperformances regardless the application mode and despite the changingenvironmental conditions.

The fundamental concept of self-adaptationby itself is not completely new: self-calibration techniques appliedafter manufacturing have been developed to deal with the many sourcesof technological variations and self-compensation techniques appliedduring the lifetime of the system have been developed to deal withthe ageing effects.

In this project, we address two non-classicalcases of self-adaptability: self-adaptation to the application andself-adaptation to the environment. Concerning self-adaptation to theapplication, on one hand, the performances of the complete systemwithin the application are limited by the performances of eachindividual component or sub-system. On the other hand, theperformances of the individual components or sub-systems areoptimized for a large range of future systems or potentialapplications and not for a specific one.

The originality of the approach proposed in this project is to ‘anticipate’ the systemdeployment while designing the components, i.e. the components aredesigned with an integrated ‘Self-Adaptation Circuitry’ whichenables them to autonomously modify their electrical characteristicswhen they are deployed into the application, in order to optimize theperformances of the complete system.

Concerning self-adaptation tothe environment, it is to note that the performances of the systemalso depend on the changing environment. As an example, a cell-phonesystem may communicate differently when it is operating in-door orout-door, when there are obstacles in the measurement environmentthat could disturb the reception, etc. Here again, the components,provided with a dedicated ‘Self-Adaptation Circuitry’ (SAC), maybe able to autonomously adapt their electrical characteristics to thechanging environment, in order to optimize the system performances.

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SACSO results presented at Newcas13

Mouhamadou Dieng will present the work done in collaboration between LIRMM and NXP on the subject of NFC antenna self-adaptation, at the 11th IEEE international Newcas conference, on June 19th

Date: 5 June 2013


2 posters will be presented at GDR SoC SIP

SACSO results will be presented at the National Workshop of GDR SoC SiP, in June 2013.

The title of the posters are:


- "Self-Adaptive System for Medical Application" partners: LIRMM/Ophtimalia

Date: 15 May 2013



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